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babywearer's Journal

Baby Wearing
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All About Babywearing!
This is a community for all you sling-addicts out there. You know who you are! ;o)

We are a community where we can all come together and discuss our experiences using baby carriers... slings, pouches, front carriers, back carriers, you name it! We can share opinions with other like-minded parents on types of carriers, brands, and carrying positions. So come on! Join in. Get advice, give advice, post baby-carrying anecdotes, post pictures! Let's have fun and spread the joy of wearing our babies.

Please do not delete comments or posts.

Solicitation is not allowed.


If you're looking to buy/sell/trade slings please only post on our community ISO/FS post or visit our sister community babywearer_sale.


Baby wearing is one of the most nurturing and bonding ways you can spend time with your child. And really, it's the most convenient as well. Those of us who wear our babies know we can accomplish a lot more than those that don't. We can use the computer, water the plants, play outside with our other children, do housework, talk on the phone, eat... all while having our sweet child right next to us! Babies love to be near their parents, mommy or daddy. It doesn't matter, as long as they can feel the warmth of the people who love them snuggled up against them.

For more information, and great reading about baby wearing, check out the following:







If you have any questions or problems with the community or members, please let us know ASAP.


Happy Baby Wearing!