katie bug (bugorama) wrote in babywearer,

Ergo without insert?

We have an Ergo with the heart-to-heart infant insert for our 8 week old son. It's a great combo that we've been very happy with for walks and such. However, baby is growing FAST and seems like he's starting to get too big for the insert (haven't measured recently, but he's well over 13 lb and 24 inches long). At this point, his head is well above the insert when we put him in it the proper way (with his butt on the pad thing). He already has pretty good neck control, so it works ok, but honestly it's starting to look like he's going to 'pop' out of the thing from the top soon. Plus, it's just a LOT of bulk on my front. It's getting very hard for me to do anything at all, because I can hardly see around baby and all that material. Ergo doesn't recommend using the carrier without the insert until baby is 4-5 months old, and I cannot possibly imagine waiting that long.

So, how would you decide a baby is big enough for being in the Ergo without the insert? What would that physically look like? How early have you used the Ergo without an insert? (I'm guessing he's not there quite yet, but maybe soon-ish?) Thanks!
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